Arista Dharsono

Arista Dharsono

Company: Diener Syz

Job title: Head of Operations


Arista Dharsono is a project controller at Diener Syz Real Estate, where she is responsible for the implementation of project controlling and monitoring systems. Further, she conducts comprehensive sustainability assessments and improves projects in terms of green building measures. Prior to joining the company, she worked as design architect at Hadiprana, a leading architecture consultancy in Indonesia, where she worked in project planning and development. Arista holds a Bachelor’s degree in architecture from Parahyangan University, Indonesia, a Master’s degree in International Project Management from University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, Germany and a MBA from Liverpool John Moores University, England

Tuesday 25th September 2018 16:00 -17:00

Topic: The Future of Buildings: Addressing the potential of Green Buildings, IoT, and Proptech in Indonesia

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